Here in New England Massachusetts we have a huge amount of wildlife that runs around the area and occasionally can cause issues. There are all manner of ‘pests’ here from skunks to raccoons, rats to bats and beyond, which are all well and good when they are nowhere near your property. Unfortunately however when these little critters get into the attic or the basement, they can cause damage too the home and if they are not dealt with swiftly, they can become a permanent fixture. Not only can this damage the home, but if you have any ideas of one day selling it, those animals may bring the cost down! To remedy this we need to use an animal control company and this can be fraught with danger as many do things a little heavy handed.

I had an issue last year with a skunk running around my basement and after a quick check online I found that  the company with the most stars was Baystate Wildlife and here is the experience that I had.


Yo may not always be able to see the animal bit you will know yourself that it is there, and so making the call to an animal control company is normally done with some degree of panic. The first thing that impressed me about this company was the speed with which they came out, arriving at my home just over an hour after my initial call.


Something that I hate about many services is the lack of communication but things were very different with Baystate. The friendly team broke it down very simply for me, they would analyze what was going on, give me a free quote and then if I wanted to proceed they would come back in just a few hours and get rid of the pest. Simple and to the point, just what I like.


As someone who loves animals I did not want a heavy handed approach or for them to place chemicals that would kill the animal. They reminded me very quickly that this was not the way that they do things and they they too love animals. The team, as promised, came back that afternoon with their kit to remove the little skunk that had been living under my home rent free, before laying some non-harmful chemicals which would ward off future inhabitants.


I can completely understand the positive reviews that this company receives online because they are a professional outfit who complete the job with speed, accuracy and most importantly care for the animal. I loved the way that the team spoke to me about what was going on and the price of the job was also very reasonable indeed. If you have a pest issue in the home and you live in the Massachusetts area, don’t bother looking anywhere other than Baystate Wildlife as in my view, they are the best.