There seems to be the never-ending debate around whether you need a gaming headset. For committed gamers, the answer is undeniable. For casual gamers, some say they can do without. Wherever you stand on the issue, you can’t deny that a headset not only makes you appear more serious about your gaming experience but it also adds a new layer to the entire journey. Still, many believe that gaming is more than just about the keyboard, monitor, and handheld. 

Think about it this way: Most games are about reaction time and communication. If you don’t have the right gaming equipment to help you hear the most important cues, then you stand at a disadvantage. Now, you’ve probably already invested hundreds in your console, games, and entertainment center. If you don’t have more than $50 to spend on a headset – you’re in luck here.

Speakers aren’t as inclusive 

Perhaps you have the most technologically-advanced, rip-roaring speakers in your neighborhood. Heck, even your neighbors filed a noise complaint and you wear that with a badge of honor. It’s great that you can truly experience theater-like surround sound with a depth that others just don’t have. But, speakers don’t offer the clarity that you can get from wearing a headset that is right next to your ear. With speakers, you will not only hear the game but also other outside noises. This isn’t the case with a headset. 

A tight budget isn’t an issue 

You might think that because the best consoles start at several hundred dollars that you can expect headsets to be quite expensive, as well. Think again. There are quite a number of well-received headsets that can be purchased for under $100. In fact, you can even find a top gaming headset under $40. It may be hard to believe, but try it and see how much better your gaming experience can be.

Communicate with your team 

Most gaming headsets come with built-in mics so that you can communicate with your teammates while in play. This is so critical, and many novice gamers don’t seem to realize this. The best advantage you can have when participating in multi-player games is to communicate with your gamer peers. You can tell them what to avoid or where your enemies are located. These simple tidbits can be the difference between winning or losing a game. 

Is a gaming headset different from a normal headset? 

The answer to the question above is obvious: Yes. Remember, not every headset is created equally. For gaming, headsets do have special designs to emit features such as microphone quality, sound quality, and comfort. 

On the other hand, the average normal headsets aren’t designed for extended gaming sessions and, many don’t even come with built-in microphones either. So while you can get away with using a regular headset for a short period of time, you really need a gaming headset.

Final thought

So now you know the difference between a regular headset and a gaming headset. You also know that you can get a high-quality headset on a tight budget. Now, have you made your choice yet?