Given you do not have a lot of control of those moving into your neighborhood; you can at least learn more about them.

No, most neighbors do not end up being troublesome.

That said knowing something about the newbies is never a bad thing.

So, what is the best way to get to know a new neighbor? Of more importance, when should you begin to worry about them?

Online Search Can Prove Productive

In your efforts to learn more about a new neighbor, most would tell you to ask the neighbor about themselves.

That said not everyone is always going to be willing to give up information. If this is the case you run into, you may find the Internet to be a good resource.

When you go online, you can look for a free background check instantly online.

Such a check allows you to delve into their life to see if there is anything you should have worries about.

Among things you might see as a red flag about a new neighbor:

Criminal record – If one has a record, it will depend on what crime they committed on how much you need to worry. If they are not of a serious nature, your worries are more than likely not founded. If they have a conviction and served time for a serious crime, being aware of this is something not to gloss over. While most people in general deserve a second chance, remember who you are dealing with.

Strange hours – Does the new neighbor have visitors coming at strange hours of the day? Some work different hours than the standard 9 to 5. That said you might be a little suspicious if someone has guests at 1 or 2 in the morning on a regular basis. While there may be a logical reason to why this is, it should still be something on your radar.

Stays to themselves – Some people are shy. As such, it does not mean they are unsocial or a threat to you. That said a new neighbor that does not interact with others at all may be cause for concern.

Visits from the police – Last, if law enforcement is paying your new neighbor visits, this can be a concern. Your best bet in such cases is to try and find out why the police are coming there in the first place.

Protecting Your Family

When you have family at home, you tend to be even more interested in what kind of neighborhood you live in.

With that being the case, you should have some more interest when someone new moves into your area.

While you do not want to end up being a busybody, it is natural to be inquisitive of any new person or persons in your area.

Given keeping your family safe is your top priority, you can’t let your guard down.

While every new neighbor deserves the benefit of the doubt, keeping your guard up makes sense at times.