The American Express Membership Rewards or AMAX is the standard go-to program of choice, especially when it comes to collecting points for the really smart shopper and traveller. This is due to the fact that a very large number of both airlines and hotels all over the world are the transfer partners of this program.

If you want to be one of the many people benefitting from this much-celebrated rewards program, you should try understanding that their overall worth lies in their value for money. This is the factor that needs to be strongly considered when comparing and choosing reward programs. For further information please visit

As a matter of fact, in the many years since the programme has been around, it has also managed to evolve into one of the premier travel service products in this specific category. A typical “AMEX” card can offer access to a whole new world of convenience and comfort. This is due to its widespread acceptability to cover different types of airline fees, admission to VIP airport lounges, along with the access to several well-resourced concierge and travel service at various credit levels.

Some of their products, such as the Platinum card also offer cardholders exceptional value for money. It also leads to a whole world of saving, thanks to the user’s ability to derive value from the card.

When AMEX re-launched its own premium version of the Platinum Card early last year, they made sure to include a veritable suite of ‘must-have’ benefits to go with it. Some of them now also include the following:

Platinum Houses

The good people at American Express have been offering a few exclusive “Platinum Houses” as well as ‘pop-up’ lounges at a lot of popular cultural events. These events can range from some of the more popular sporting events and tournaments, all the way to the annual Coachella music festival and even the Wine Festival in USA.

‘By Invitation Only’ AMEX Events

American Express also offers exclusive access and other major benefits to its own ‘by invitation only’ events for its card members. These are also included in its frequent flyer programme. These may include really early access to multiple popular concerts via the distribution of free tickets to AMEX card holders, or preferred seating at various highly sought after-shows. In fact, AMEX also boasts of approximately 100 “By Invitation Only” highly exclusive and highly exciting events all around the world every year.

These “By Invitation Only” events are exclusive to their Platinum as well as Centurion card members only. They also include perks like various backstage tours at popular concerts, access to cocktail parties along with a whole range of different goodies that are exclusively available to members who avail the AMEX frequent flyer programme.