In order to establish what makes PR firms great is to at first understand what it is that they do. This is simpler to say than to actually do however. The main aim of a PR (public relations) firm is to raise awareness of a product or business and to increase the positive public beliefs about that product or business. The methods that a PR firm uses to do this are varied and interesting. They may include fund raising days, media relations, viral campaigns, one off product launches offering free tests of the product or a free prize draw. Small giveaways are always an added bonus at these types of events, everyone loves something for free.

The traits that are required to hold successful events such as these are a knowledge of their client and their products or services. They need to know who the target market is for the product or service and also This knowledge along with large network of friends, colleagues and contacts can then be used to raise awareness of the product or company with the people who are likely to become clients, use the services or buy the products. They also need a knowledge of up to date media and products and again contacts in these fields can be very beneficial. This knowledge of current affairs can help the PR firm gauge where the client’s product or service fits into the current media landscape.

Successful PR companies have already done all of the legwork re networking in every kind of business or service that there is. This means that they have a wealth of contacts to call upon when they get a new client or when they want to spread the word about a new product in a given field. Good PR personnel will be very likable, sociable and professional people who everyone takes to. This is what will set a good PR company apart from the rest. These good contacts should include contacts in the media and media relations, therefore their network may include journalists who the PR executive can call upon to write stories about the new clients or the new products, thus already ensuring the client or products gets some media coverage. The PR agent will pitch their new service or product to the journalist and a really good one would offer a headline and an angle on which to sell the story.

Finally, and one of the most important skills that a successful PR company or its employees will need is a sense of creativity and imagination. They will need this so that they can write interesting and engaging articles. They will need to add to this the ability to craft an interesting, fun and eye-catching story around a new client or product in such a way that it will capture the imagination of the public and the target audience. They need to weave this into the current media landscape for the product or business to really make big news and after this the product and company will be front page news, well for a while anyway.