investment manager


TitleCard Capital is a real estate investment fund which prides itself on offering its investors the very best service and of course, the most lucrative returns. The company is set up with a very simple structure which ensures that it remains dynamic in the way that it handles investments, purchases, sales and administration. These private equity investment funds are only as good as the returns that it can offer and in order to offer such returns, they need to make sure that there is a steady stream of money coming in from new and existing investors. At the heart of this is the investment manager, a role which is highly challenging and very pressurized and one which could be considered as the most important in the business. We spoke to the team at TitleCard capital to find out what the challenges are within a job role like this.

Seeking New Investment

The biggest challenge of course is being able to seek out new investment from clients and being able to convince them that they should part with their hard-earned money. Most real estate equity groups have a minimum investment of $250,000 so it isn’t as though the investment manager is only asking for a small amount. Of course, the investment manager can point to the great successes which their funds have had and the high returns that the investor can see in the future, but there is more to just selling the company than that. Investors want someone that they can trust with their money and that means building and working hard to maintain strong relationships with investors, and in some cases with their families too.

Staying Abreast

There are of course people within the business such as analysts who will make sure that they are on top of what is happening with their investments and how can recommend where to invest, but it is up to the investment manager to make that decision. Beyond this an investment manager must also have their facts and statistics up to date in order to speak about what is going on with their clients. Investment managers are very much in the middle of the investor and the investment itself, real estate in this case, and that means that they are often involved in something if a tug of war in terms of how much time they can give to each.


Another great challenge for any investment manager is the decisions which they must make, often causing them a great amount of stress. They may be armed to the teeth with the facts and figures but ultimately it will be the investment manager and the leadership team who need to weigh up the facts and then make smart decisions which will best help their investors to make returns, and in turn this makes more money for the business.

Investment managers must be organized, likable and they must really know their onions when it comes to the real estate market.