Lamb is the most popular type of meat in Australia with its per capita consumption reaching 9.5kg. It’s a versatile meat, which is why it goes well with any cooking method. From grilled chops to lamb steaks, lamb kebabs, and lamb curry, it adds a unique flavour to every recipe.

Every now and then, we get to know about meat scandals that highlight the health issues caused by the consumption of meat. However, lamb meat is of the highest quality that keeps you safe from potential health problems.

Why You Should Rediscover Your Love for the Lamb Meat

Lamb is a naturally reared animal. A majority of lambs in Australia are reared on grass, which is why you can enjoy the meat without worrying about potential health risks.

Lamb meat carries a unique flavour. Regardless of the spices you want to add to a recipe, the lamb meat adds a flavour to the dish that lingers.

Lamb meat is a healthy eating option, since it’s full of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. As compared to lean cuts, fattier cuts are more delicious and provide you with added nutritional benefits. The fat produced due to the consumption of grass makes it a versatile and flavourful meat.

Here’s a brief guide to the different cuts of lambs that can help you buy the best quality of meat the next time you go to a butcher’s shop:


The chops are the most delicious cuts of lambs and are relatively expensive. They are usually obtained from ribs and can be cooked individually or as a whole rack. Chops are best served roasted and they go well with mashed potatoes.


The rump cut is rich in flavour and is best pan-fried or grilled as a whole. Once it’s properly cooked, you can slice it into smaller pieces.


The shoulder meat is flavour-rich and is suitable for slow cooking or slow roasting. In order to make the lamb recipes more delicious, cook the meat along with the shoulder bone so that the meat comes off on its own once it gets tender.


Just like the shoulder meat, the cuts obtained from the legs are also tough yet more flavourful. You can either roast the meat or barbecue it to enjoy the unique flavour. However, make sure you don’t overcook it or else it’ll end up losing its moisture and get quite dry.


The neck meat is usually left connected to the shoulder, but you should separate it out. Unlike the shoulder meat, you can use it to prepare steaks at a high heat.


The shank comes from the lower part of back legs of the lamb and is a relatively cheaper cut. Since it is rich in proteins, you can notice a soft texture appearing when you cook it slowly at medium heat.

While the fattier cuts are more delicious, they aren’t as healthy as lean cuts. So, it’s best to reserve them for preparing meals on special occasions or for weekend family dinners.