Nobody wants to think about death, but it’s a reality that we can’t escape. It is better to be prepared in advance for it by getting funeral insurance for your entire family.

In case you are wondering about the right place to get coverage from, is an excellent choice.

A tragic incident like the Jessica Falkholt’s entire family passing away in a car accident indicates the importance of having funeral insurance. She was just 29 years old when she left this world.

Such cases show the value of getting funeral insurance for all your family members . Who knows if anybody would be able to pay for your burial expenses after you die? The money from an insurance policy will ensure that you or your family is buried properly without any unnecessary delay. You’ll have everything covered even after you leave this world.

If some non-earning members of the family survive an accident, it is not possible for them to afford a funeral. The right kind of insurance policy can come in handy at that time.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of obtaining such an insurance coverage for your loved ones.

Advantages of Funeral Insurance

The main advantage of getting coverage for your whole family is the discount. Many insurance providers offer up to 20 % discount to people who buy extra policies for their family.

Insurance policies are expensive, so getting a discount will reduce the high cost and make it affordable for you. If there is more than one earning member in a family, then it will be easier to opt for such insurance coverage. The costs can be split between the earning members.

Another benefit of getting all the insurance policies in a single package is that it will be convenient for you and other members of your family to deal with the insurer. There will be a single point of contact for making claims and payments.

Family policies generally cover all the main features that you would like to have in a funeral insurance coverage. Some of these are:

  • Option for levelled or stepped premiums.

  • For the first 12 months, you have accidental death coverage.

  • Your choice of lump-sum payout.

  • Simple and fast process for applying and obtaining insurance.

  • Many policies won’t need a medical examination for eligibility (if you are less than 75 years old).

After examining the insurer and properly reading the terms of the policy, you can purchase funeral insurance for your family to save money and reduce the burden of burial on others.