S R Buzzi believes that a love of Science starts at a very young age. Getting an interest in science can occur from a very young age. Being curious about the world around us, carrying out fun experiments at home and at school can really make us interested in how the world works. As we get older we may be interested in all of the breakthroughs that happen in medicine and you may want to be the one who makes the difference.

So what qualities are required to be successful in Science.

Well number one is a curious nature, don’t give up until you have an answer that you are happy with. If you still have more questions, then keep going.

If you are convinced you want to be in the field of Science, work out exactly which field as there are many.

Do you want to be in medical research or would you like to do something totally different? DO some research ad find out. This might even include jobs that don’t exist right now so try to be forward thinking if you can. Ask for a tutor help with this.

In Science you will fail time and time again and you can not allow yourself to be hampered by this, Einstein states he got it wrong at least ninety nine percent of the time. It is the resilience and perseverance and self-belief that will carry you through. Oh, and an ability to laugh at yourself when

Then your success is pretty much down to the things that all success is down to. You have to read a lot and keep on top of your subject. This should be easy for you as you should be fascinated by it anyway. Then you need to be inspired by some of the great thinkers of our time, find a hero or heroine.

Do the boring job things like learn how to network and build up an online profile. In every job an online profile is a requirement these days, and science is a competitive field. You need to give yourself every available opportunity to succeed so get a Twitter account, blog about Science. Start small and share some articles that have interested you lately and invite chat and feedback. This online presence really could be the difference between a successful career and a frustrating one. You will be grateful of what this will help you achieve,

The final piece of advice is be an all-rounder, don’t just study and live for your Science. Study linked subjects such as Computer Science and Math.

Ensure you also have some social life as this again can be a way to Network and meet new people and also emphasizes that you have social skills and this can excel in team work. Science can often rely on very high levels of team work as well as very solitary pain staking meticulous work you must be prepared and show that you are prepared for either.