Ever since vulcanization in the middle of the 19th Century rubber sheet manufacturers have been at the heart of almost everything that industry on the whole is doing. When automative vehicles were invented it was the rubber industry who stepped up and provided a smart creation to cover the wheels in tires, when the industrial revolution took  place it was rubber that they relied on for the conveyor belts of their plants and factories and when we began to build more and more homes it was rubber that lead the way with tubing, pipes and even cement which was used to make these builds possible. Rubber has been leading the way for many years and it is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use materials that we have.

The rubber industry has been at the forefront of the change that we are looking to make from an environmental standpoint too and this is an industry which is very aware of its carbon footprint and its responsibility to the world to stay as green as possible.

No Damage

When discussing natural rubber we have to say that this is of course an environmentally friendly material which is sustainable and grows very quickly. In terms of the damage that rubber waste can have, we have seen scientific evidence of the fact that natural rubber causes no harm at all to the environment and products such as latex can be disposed of without causing any harmful effects at all.


Arguably one of the best attributes of the rubber that is created is just how easy it is, and cost effective, when it comes to recycling. A perfect example of this would be the huge amount of rubber sheeting which is available that has been made using dissed tires. We can use the rubber from these tires for all manner of goods and products and they can be a great option for companies when looking for materials to use. Tires can be obtained at low prices and they do not cost a lot of money to melt down and convert into another product. Tires also have different uses in the current state that they are in and many racetracks for example will use walls of tires to provide safety for the cars on the track. Tires can also be used in the building of homes and they are a great resource which can provide stability and insulation.

Changing Industry

For many years there were some recipes which rubber manufacturers used which featured chemicals that were harmful to the environment. Thankfully however we have seen a huge reduction in this in recent years as more and more companies commit to using sustainable sources that do not harm the environment when they become waste. As more and more chemicals are outlawed we will see much more recycling being carried out which will only be positive for the environment.