Being a doctor is without question one of the most respected positions in the world, these wonderful men and women use their skills each day to cure diseases and disorders, save lives and get people back on their feet after an accident. Studying medicine is something that requires a great deal of intelligence but beyond that there is a certain skill set which is required for this position. Last month I spent some time in Texas and I was fortunate to have a great conversation with the wonderful Roger Olade, a doctor who works down in Austin, Texas, specializing in internal medicine and who works with many young doctors to teach them the trade. During our time in Texas we spoke to Dr. Olade about the skills required to be a doctor, and here is what he had to say.


Whether studying to become a doctor or practicing, patience is an absolute necessity. Naturally there are some situations whereby you’ll have to spring into action but ultimately you must approach medicine with a real level of calm and patience. The body is a remarkable thing but it takes time to cure infections and diseases, and it is important to let the body heal rather than try to force the issue.


There is a school of thought that says doctors should be just like mechanics working on a car, looking at the parts of the body with zero emotion and just focussing on the job in hand. With this being said however it is important as a doctor that you understand the plight of the patient and there families, and that you are empathetic towards them.


 Many doctors have to work across different branches of medicine when dealing with a patient and in these cases they must work with other doctors with absolute professionalism. Regardless of an option which you may have about another doctor, it is important that this is put to one side in the interest of the patient.


 Even after you have finished med school you are still going to need to have a very studious approach to medicine because it is something which changes by the day. Each and every years we see new advancements in treatment and in the way we approach various branches of medicine, so doctors need to make are that they keep up with any changes.

 Results Driven

 When we hear about someone being driven by results you would more likely think of a business person rather than a doctor, but doctors too must aim for a high success rate. Unlike in the world of business, a high success rate in medicine means that there are more patients enjoying their time at home with their families, or less patients who have a disease. In this regard doctors should always be aiming for the best results possible.

 Do you display these skills? Could you one day become like Dr. Olade?