Costa Rica beachIf you desire the ideal getaway vacation, and you are in search of a destination that is sure to check the most boxes on your bucket list, as well as add a few experiences of its own, then you should most definitely pay Guanacaste in Costa Rica a visit.

A trip to Guanacaste alone is sure to provide a lifetime of memories as this tropical paradise, which is arguably the most popular province in the country, is blessed with an array of beautiful mountain ranges, an amazing shoreline as well as exotic wildlife.

Its capital city, Liberia is home to a world class international airport and luxurious hotels, while still retaining its cultural and local setting.

There are lots of adventures waiting for you at Guanacaste. Below you can find a few.

Playa Conchal

Filled with beautiful and luxurious resorts, Playa Conchal is definitely amongst the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The beach is white-shelled with crystal clear waters. Many tourists have described it as the best place to get an on the beach massage.

There are other activities too that are sure to make your visit worthwhile. Whether you enjoy the adrenaline rush of a jet ski or you prefer the serene quietness that accompanies sailing, Playa Conchal provides both. Along with horseback riding by the beach.

Palo Verde

The Palo Verde National Park is a major attraction to bird watchers. From far and wide, all across the globe, bird watching enthusiast gather together during the dry season, between December to April, to watch and revel in the splendor of the gathering of over 300 species of birds.

The park is also home to other wildlife, meaning tourists get to see monkeys, crocodiles and other animals.


Tamarindo has established itself as the perfect honeymoon destination. Being one of the most popular beaches in the country, Tamarindo is divinely blessed with blue crystal waters softly flanked by a pristine sand beach.

It is also home to an array of romantic hotels, luxurious boutiques and restaurants etc. Activities like fishing, surfing and catamaran tours will definitely add that extra spice to your vacation.

So, if you are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination or you desire somewhere exotic to pop the question, then Tamarindo suits you perfectly.

Rincón de la Vieja

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its impressive ecological diversity, this national park is home to an active volcano. Its main attraction is definitely the combo tours. A series of activities fitted into one package for your utmost enjoyment. From zip lining to mile long hikes as well as a comforting dip in natural thermal hot springs are all part of the daily package.

Tenorio River

Home to impressively massive rapids, the Tenorio River is perfect for all white water rafting enthusiasts. The journey down the river gets more intense with every passing moment, as the rapids grow in class, culminating at a 12 foot class V cascade. 


The city of Liberia itself is a living breathing museum. While the rest of the world scrambles after innovative technologies and smart city concepts, Liberia has been able to maintain its local cowboy atmosphere side by side, and in perfect harmony with its urban infrastructures. A trip around the city will leave you in awe at the incredible cultural heritage still being perfectly practiced.

There are also actual museums like the Museo de Guanacaste and the Museo de Sabanero. Just in case you wish to delve into a deeper exploration of the roots and early historical occurrences that makes the city so special.


Guanacaste is definitely a must see sight for any traveler who wishes to gather the best of experiences. There are numerous other sights and activities, from horseback riding around the Oropendula waterfall, to nice dip in the sky blue waters of the Playa Hermosa. Consider this destination for your next holiday!