Pool Fences

As summer break approaches it’s often hard to keep your little ones away from the pool. But while the pool is a great place for family fun, it’s certainly not danger-free. In fact, pools can be so dangerous for families with children that most municipalities require fences for pools deeper than 2 feet. 

But with so many options, which is the right pool fence for your family? Check out these ideas to find the right pool fence and secure a safer summer: 

Keep it Kid Proof

Nets or mesh fences could be seen a challenge or new toy to a particularly rambunctious or rowdy kid. Investing in a glass pool fence will give serious climb resistance to any adventurous tots. Worried about glass breaking? Don’t be. The tempered glass used in the glass railing is six times stronger than regular glass, meaning it can withstand extreme weather and your kids. 

Invest in a Better Pool Gate

While having a pool fence will immediately upgrade your pool security, like any fence, it’s only as good as its gate. When looking at a pool gate for your fence, consider going with one with added security features, like self-closing hinges and side-pull latches with lock and key. These will keep your gate closed unless an adult says it’s okay to go for a dip. 

Don’t Obstruct Your View

Even with security and precautions in place, accidents can happen. The last thing you want is for a mishap to happen out of your line of sight. Choosing a glass railing system will cut the chance that your little ones can find their way into danger without you. It also means you’ll have a constantly clear view of your kids for easy supervision, so if you’re needed for a rescue you’ll know as soon as it happens. 

Getting ready for summer with the right pool fence can keep your kids safe and your summer care-free. The elegant and modern design of most glass fences doesn’t help either.