Do you do anything in the community to help others? Many people would likely answer no to this question, myself included save for the odd donation but businessman Peter Zieve from Mukilteo, Washington believes that we all most certainly should. Through his sports program campaign in Mukilteo, Washington, Peter Zieve has been able to use his success with his company Electroimpact to do great things in the Seattle area, specifically in his home town of Mukilteo. It isn’t just Peter who believes that this should be the case of course and there are often news articles in the Seattle Herald and blog posts from other areas of the country which suggest the same thing, and here is why they believe that it is important that we all contribute in giving back.


We can point to a number of negative reports which show what the erosion of community has done across the country and this is why we must take action both here in Mukilteo and beyond. It is clear that politics and politicians cannot do anything to help the community to come together and thrive and in many cases they would rather see us divided. This is why we must take it upon ourselves to work hard for one another and bring the community back together again.


If we look at the root of where a great amount of crime comes from it is young boys and girls who feel like they have nowhere else to turn, many lack a father figure and this is why they are drawn to bad behaviors. If there are tighter communities then we will be able to help these youths to realize that there is another way. Take the program that Peter sieve has for example, in the boxing gym there he has a number of young men who if they didn’t have somewhere to go such as the gym, they may very well give in to the temptation of the streets and the activities which take place there. If we are able to all invest a little time into the community we will be able to help these youths to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Could be You

Just because things may be good with you right now there is nothing to say that things can’t change within a short space of time and it may be you that needs the community to rally around you. For this reason, it is important that you try to pay something forward in terms of karma and through your engagement in the community you will be able to inspire others to do the same thing, in fact it may be those you inspire who will ultimately be the ones who help you out in the future.

Try to do whatever you can to give back to the community, every little bit counts and you can help to build a brighter future.