You probably have to do some amount of writing in your life and most of us wish we were better writers. Perhaps you are in school and constantly have papers due and you are tired of getting bad grades. Perhaps you work requires you write letters and you simply are bad at it Maybe you just want to write stories and send them to magazines. Or perhaps you want to write sweet poems to your love. In any case, there are things that you can do to improve your writing abilities. Here is a short list of things that if you take them on will pay off big benefits for your writing abilities.

Start with a Skeleton

Before you try and write a story you should lay out a framework. Having an empty page can cause all sorts of anxiety and if you are trying to simply reach perfection you might defeat yourself before you even get started. So create an outline for the story that you want to write. It could be a few pages or even a few paragraphs that simply walk you through the story. Try putting in all the major parts and laying out all the characters. If there is dramatic action or some particular prospective you want put forward, make sure that you include that in your outline. The goal here isn’t to make a complete version of your story, it is only to have you create a template for what you are about to write. When you do this, you have a working document that you can refer back to, and if you get lost or forget where you want to take your story, you can always refer back to it to find your place again. Professional writers do this without thinking and nearly all great writers begin their writing with the skeleton or an outline of their story.

Expand Your Vocabulary

You might notice that the good writers like Michael Volitich use a broad range of words in their writing. Writing often and entails you saying the same thing over and over. What good writers do to avoid thing sounding redundant is to make sure that they have a broad vocabulary that allows them to pick from many synonyms. Review some of your favorite books and you will notice that these writers have put considerable time into expanding your vocabulary. By expanding their vocabularies it gives them more options and many more ways to express themselves. You will see the same benefits as you increase your vocabulary. If you take the same approach, it will make you writing better and more interesting.

Writing Resources Can Really Help

Great writers always have writing resources close to hand. These include a thesaurus, a dictionary, books about writing and other tools that assist with great writing.  Spend some time in bookstores, libraries, and even searching online for writing tools that can help you improve your writing skills. You should also align yourself with other writers who can review what you were writing and will give you quality feedback. Sometimes other writers are your best writing resource.