Swimming pools are a great place to have some fun but it is important that we all understand the dangers that can exist when having a swimming pool, or when using one. More and more people across the country have their own swimming pools now and whilst nobody wants to dampen the fun, understanding risk management is vital. A good friend of mine Michale Saltzsteinworks in risk management in business but during his career he as worked as a swimming coach, even helping out with some Olympic swimmers. Unfortunately Mr. Saltzstein knows only too well about the dangers of the swimming pool and his risk management experience helps him to spot the dangers that can exist. If you have or use a swimming pool, these are the dangers which you must watch out for.


 Running around the edge of the swimming pool is incredibly dangerous and it only takes one slip and tragedy can ensue. First of all the surrounding area of the swimming pool is wet so when someone barefoot starts running, the chances of them slipping are far higher. Given that the age of the swimming pool is a corner, falling and hitting one’s head here is going to be very painful and could easily cause a medical emergency. Beyond that it is also possible, and this has happened before, that someone slips and bumps their head and falls into the pool. Many people have drowned after being knocked out in this way so it is vitally important that nobody runs around the pool.

 Swimming Ability

 Sometimes we are not too good and judging our own limitations and very often people will jump into the pool even if they have limited swimming abilities. There may not be a guard or a swimming coach around to spot this so we must be honest with ourselves when swimming. If you are not an able swimmer then you must stick to the shallow end or get some help, there is no bravery in trying to swim beyond your means and you could very easily get into trouble.


 If you own a pool then you must be very careful with the chemicals that are going into the water. The reason why we must manage the PH level of the pool, and correctly manage the cleaning chemicals which are put into it is so that it doesn’t cause any damage to the swimmers. Chemical problems can result in causing skin conditions to the swimmers and in some cases they can even burn the skin. Research well about what the correct combination of chemicals are so that you can understand exactly what should be going into the water. If you don’t know what you are doing then hire a professional who can show you how to properly manage the chemicals in the water.

 Swimming is a lot of fun, just make sure that you have assessed the risks so that the fun doesn’t turn sour.