Going through a divorce will of course be a testing time for anyone and this is why you need to arm yourself to the teeth with information before you plan on taking that scary giant leap. Last year myself and my partner decided to get divorced after 15 years of happy marriage and I must confess, it went as smooth as it probably could have done because we both realized that we had to more road left to run. I used the team at Marrison Family Law who handled my case with expertise and professionalism and I wanted to offer some tips on how you can get through this difficult time.

Divorce Process

From a purely logistical point of view a divorce is a very easy process which is largely administrative and as long as both parties agree to the divorce, there is really very little input required from you or your spouse. When things get messy is if one spouse doesn’t agree to divorce because in this case the trial will begin whereby a court will rule what happens after the break up of the marriage. The process is to file a petition for divorce which is signed by both parties, once that is completed this will be filed and then assets and monies will be arranged between the two parties, outside of the court room. If one spouse doesn’t sign the petition then the judge will rule the separation of assets and money. Reasons for divorce usually only need to be irreconcilable differences although some states do want more detail around the reasons why.

 Importance of a Great Legal Team

When it comes to hiring a legal team for your divorce it really makes sense for you to invest a lot of time in getting the right legal team. Even if the divorce is going to be amicable, a great team will ensure that the process is completed as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Of course there is always a chance that the divorce will not be completely smooth sailing and so having a great legal team will make sure that you are putting yourself in the best position to get what you want and what you deserve from the break up of the marriage.


 Whether you are the instigator of the divorce or not, this will be a very emotional time for you and you have to ensure that you are making time for yourself, and allowing yourself to feel those emotions. Some people try to bury things and ignore what is going on in order to protect themselves but this is not a healthy way of dealing with emotions. The best thing that you can do is to embrace the emotions that you feel and begin the process of dealing with the separation of your spouse. This will always be a tough time but if you can rely on support then you will get through it.