car race


Jeffrey Breault and I met over a love of car racing and it is something which we speak about for hours and hours on end. In fact, Jeff Breault is such an avid fan of the sport and he visits so many races that he is actually quite well known within car racing circles, both locally and even nationally. There isn’t a type of automotive racing even that Jeff doesn’t enjoy and he will happily spend his days watching monster truck derbies, Formula 1 and of course his most favorite, NASCAR. I may love watching cars driving fast around a track but my passion for it pales in comparison to that of Jeff Breault and here is why he says that he loves it so much.


It has happened on occasion but in the main it is very difficult to be dominant year after year in the car racing industry because it is so difficult to stay on top for a very long time. The level of competition in car racing is extremely high and this is one of Jeff’s main reasons for watching it. Occasionally you will see a Michael Schumacher or a Dale Earnhardt who will be able to dominate their racing division for a number of years, but if you look through the history of racing  you can clearly see that these guys are exceptions.


Ever since he was a little boy Jeff Breault tells me that he was a huge fan of two things, the first was country music and the second was going fast. Now driving fast is not something that many of us get the opportunity to do given the fact that the police may have something to say if you do, but on the race course all of that changes. Jeff admits that when he watches race car driving he is essentially living out his speed dreams through someone else, and he loves watching the cars fly around the track at incredible speeds that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else on the planet.


Something which Jeff also loves about car racing is that it is about far more than just the person who is in the driving seat and in fact it is about the team who are racing, rather than the driver. Formula 1 and NASCAR are perfect examples of this, a driver can win or lose a race based on when they pit or come in for a tire change, teams are constantly working tirelessly to make sure that the car is in good shape and has the right settings to perform at its best and in the close season these teams do phenomenal work in designing and building a car which they believe will be the best of the bunch in the coming years. The driver is just the final cog in the system of racing and this is why he thinks that it is a sport which should be respected much more than it is.