After a mastectomy you could consider expert breast reconstruction in Los Angeles. This can make your breasts look more symmetrical again by replacing breast tissue skin and also the removed nipple, if it was removed. The amount of reconstruction will obviously depend on the previous surgery. Some people find it really difficult to cope with the loss of a breast or breasts. It can affect them and leave mental scars, whereby they feel less of a woman, some women wont feel this at all and will just be glad to be rid of the breast and the issues it was causing, usually cancer.

Even if you are unhappy this doesn’t make the choice regarding reconstruction a simple one to make, friends and family may not want you to have to go through any more surgery or trauma now that you are well, and they have you back. Ultimately these will be the people who will support you, whatever decision you make.

The progress made in plastic surgery might help you make your decision, breast reconstruction can now use your own tissue this is called autologous tissue In this process a piece of tissue containing blood vessels and fat and occasionally muscle is taking from another part of the body, this is referred to as a flap. Different sites in the body are good to use for the flap and these include abdomen, back thigh or the buttocks. All of the tissue used for the reconstruction of one or two breasts can be done in this way if this is the patients wish.

Also, reconstructive surgery is not put in the same field as cosmetic surgery and as a result of this Insurance Providers must pay out for reconstructive surgery. This is because it is considered as part of the treatment of your illness rather than surgery that is done solely to improve your appearance

Implants will usually be done as part of a two-stage procedure. The first stage will involve the surgeon using a tissue expander to stretch the skin, and which will be filled with a saline solution weeks later. The second stage involves removing the expander when the chest tissue is healed and is more relaxed; this is usually a few months after a mastectomy. This can be slightly painful at the time, but women tend to be very impressed and happy with the final results.

If the patient did not have a nipple sparing mastectomy then a new nipple can also be reconstructed. This is done by cutting and moving a piece of skin from the reconstructed breast and making it into a new nipple. A few months later the areola can be created usually using tattoo ink but in some cases skin grafts may be taken from the abdomen or groin and added to the nipple area.

There is no time limit on when you can have the reconstructive surgery, some people prefer to get everything over and done with together which is called immediate reconstruction and others prefer to wait a month or even a year after the mastectomy which is called delayed reconstruction. Ultimately your physician will advise you based on any chemotherapy or radiation treatment you have had or are having.