search engine

Ever since the search engine was invented companies have tried to find ways in which they can manipulate the algorithms in order to feature as high up the rankings as possible. The problem for many companies is that the first pages of Google for example  – the world’s most popular search engine – only feature around 10 search results and the customer will generally only look at the first page. This only gives businesses a finite window in which they need to arrive, making it a constant challenge for a search engine optimization company. Nonetheless these companies continuously achieve outstanding results for their clients and today we are going to dig a little deeper into how they are able to please the algorithm of a search engine, in order to put a particular website or company on the first page, for a variety of keywords.


The first place that they will start is to ensure that the company website is fully functional and that it is easy to use and quick to load. Search engines have created small bots which crawl the internet and report back the information that it has found. This is why a website which is slow and unresponsive will never feature high up the rankings because the search engine companies do not want to recommend a website to you which is slow and frustrating. Search engines need to recommend the best to you and that is why the SEO company will focus on the speed and ease of use of your website.


Content plays a key role in the SEO process and the next step for a search engine optimization company is to make sure that the content which you have on your website is well written, informative and that it falls within the guidelines of what the search engine expects with regards to links. The content must be easy to read and it must provide actual value to the reader. The bots which crawl your site are very intuitive and they are able to easily decipher whether or not the content on your site is actually of a good quality.


The links between you and another site, in both directions, are an indication of trust across the internet and they are highly important in pushing you up the search rankings. Links can also damage your website and if they are links to a company or website which appears a little dodgy or completely unrelated to your website then it will do damage. An SEO company will strip out any links which don’t look right and they will seek to try and get links placed on other, higher ranking websites, which can then help to build the reputation of your own websites.

SEO companies will always use what are known as white hat techniques, this means that whatever they do with the website or its contents will always be in accordance with what the search engines expect.