If you plan to go on a road trip, then one of the most important aspects of it is to go with someone who can be a great companion in the car with you. Unless you have to make a long drive alone, this is always something that is recommended. I used to take many road trips when I first launched my business and I was very lucky to take these trips with my good friend and business partner Girish Kumar Navani. I used to hate road tripping when I was driving alone but when Girish Navani began to come along with me, all of that changed.


You need someone in the car with you who us up for a lot of different conversations in terms of themes and that was something which Girish Navani is a specialist at. Not only is Girish a very interesting man, he is someone who has struck the perfect balance between speaking and listening. Beyond this Girish Navani is always interested in your opinion and he is more than happy to discuss a wide range of subjects with you. Girish and I would spend hours upon hours setting the world to rights as we made our way across the country.

Music Man

I am a huge lover of music but in the past,  I would depend on the same kind of music for these long drives. When Girish Navani started to come with me however he would introduce different music into the mix and we found that we shared a lot of musical tastes, but we also differed with other genres. It was the places where we differed that we’d enjoy the most because we would try to convince the other person that they should like our choices. Girish would always plan well ahead for these road trips and he would prepare a huge amount of playlists which would suit just about every mood. Girish Navani is a huge music fan and he has turned me onto some amazing singers and bands because of these road trips.


 I come from a family where we used to always play quizzes, and this was something that I was keen to add to the mix when Girish came along for the ride. Not everyone is up for a quiz, so I was delighted when he began to really get involved with them. We would plan questions for each other ahead of the journey and then whoever wasn’t driving would read out their quiz questions. Given that Girish Navani is a highly intelligent man he was very adept at quizzing and he provided me with brilliant competition and someone who I was very keen to beat. We would quiz on just about any topic under the sun and these long trips would be all the better for it.

If you are driving over long distances, then you need someone in the car who can improve the experience.