Wooden Toys

Toys are super effective in keeping your children busy and engaged. Parents usually prefer wooden toys over metal ones as they are cheap and less bulky.

Let’s take a look at five famous wooden toy brands that everyone should know about.

  1. Le Toy Van

Painted wooden toys are the speciality of Le Toy Van, and these products are manufactured in Indonesia. The quality of craftsmanship and design sets the company apart from its competitors.

Children of different age groups can purchase the Le Toy Van Dollhouse range which falls in the category of attractive toys. By getting dollhouses, you can encourage the growth of interpersonal social skills.

The company does not compromise on quality and safety while manufacturing different types of toys. They use legal and natural materials to produce these products.

There is a wide variety of items of Le Toy Van at GoodToPlay.com. The company promotes those toys which encourage intellectual stimulation and are friendly for children.

  1. Haba

They are largely recognised for producing friendly toys and are one of the oldest toy manufacturers in Germany. The toys of Haba facilitate an imaginative play, and encourage and challenge children to try out something new.

The brand provides enjoyment to the children and at the same time promotes their growth. In this way, they keep a balance between fun and development of a child.

  1. Hape

They are the one of the largest producers of wooden toys. The toys are assembled in China, although the Germans own the company. All the toys are tested by a third-party according to the European and US standards. Belgium, Russia and Germany supply the materials and wood.

Hape uses bamboo to make their eco-friendly toys. Their products are made from non-toxic and safe water based paints.

  1. Janod

Janod is a popular French brand that provides games and toys for children of different age groups. The company is quite good in making sure that they provide unique products by incorporating attractive sounds and colours in their toys. The animal toy kits, the camera version and the wooden sound telephone are children’s favourites.

Their social responsibility, environmental principles, educational value, and the quality of wooden toys have made them world-renowned. Janod mainly focuses on eco-friendly puzzles and toys.

When the brand launched, their main products were simple ball games, yoyos, spinning tops and other traditional toys. As they gradually started expanding, they included wooden puzzles, stacking blocks, toy sets, magnetic toys, and musical instruments in their products category.

  1. Indigo Jamm

They are a small British toy manufacturing company that produces durable toys by following the European designs. Using ethical production methods and ecologically sustainable materials, Indigo Jamm makes sure that they produce eco-friendly and long-lasting products.

The brand even offers toys for people who are aged more than 18 years and has a wide variety of products.