Are you trying to be a better boyfriend? Are you worried that you aren’t doing enough to keep her happy? If you ever do feel like this then it is important not to worry, there are always things which you can do to improve. My group of friends is mostly male, and I like to think that having  girl in the group compliments them somewhat. The reason I bring this up is that here in Wesson I have two friends who are polar opposites in terms being good boyfriends, and I want to talk to you about one friend, who you may be able to learn from. The buddy with the poor attitude to women is Frank, a man with something of a traditional view on how things should be, my friend Eric Wetlaufer however, a man who has his priorities right, and here is why he make such a great boyfriend.

Being First and Putting First

Eric will always put his partner first, no matter what the situation and he has managed to find the perfect balance of spending time with her, without losing friends as a result. In fact Eric has declined an invitation to the pub on many occasions in favor of a night in with his partner. What I love about the relationship Eric has however is that whilst he puts her first, he also expects to be put first by her. This isn’t something which we see too often in a relationship, so it is very refreshing.


The way in which Eric and his girlfriend communicate is brilliant, they do so only once or twice per day via text or email, and then use their time together to actually talk about things properly. I often feel as though too much communication causes problems in relationships, but not so with Eric.

Being Fun

In most cases a relationship loses its fun edge after a short time but this has simply not been the case for Eric and his girl. I asked him about this and he told me that they made a pact many years ago that the relationship would never be boring, and that if it was they would address it instantly. Almost every weekend these two are doing great things and fun activities which keeps their relationship fresh.


Fidelity is a brilliant characteristic to have and one which is absolutely essential in any relationship. Eric tells me that for him, it isn’t just about being faithful in the relationship but also having respect for your partner when it comes to people of the opposite sex. Eric and his partner accept that they will find other people attractive but have such strong trust that they know nothing will ever happen. I love the stage which the pair of them have reached in their relationship to be able to trust each other so much.