If you went to summer camp many years ago when you were a child, did you have a good time? Did you learn anything from your experience or experiences?

For many parents today, sending their child off to camp can come with many different benefits.

So, if looking for reasons to send your child to summer camp, you may be surprised how many of them there turn out to be.

Know Your Child Will be Cared for

If you ever had any doubts about the care your child will receive when they go off to camp, put those out of your mind.

The right experience can mean your child returns home a different kid and for all the right reasons.

Among the reasons summer camps help so many kids:

  1. Skillset – If hoping your child would pick up a new skill, the possibilities are endless at the right camp. Learning tech, sports, interacting with animals and more can be awaiting at camp. It is important you sit down with them and talk about what skill or skills they would like to learn or improve upon. When your child goes off to a camp that they are interested in, the odds of it being a success definitely increase.
  2. Friendships – When your kid is at camp, it would be pretty hard not to make new friends in the process. With that in mind, encourage your child to reach out to kids his or her age and interact with them. Those new friendships that come out of this can last through the camp or much longer than that. You might even find your kid has new friends that transcend experiences when they go back to school in the fall. And do not be surprised if some of those friendships extend to their college days and past that.
  3. Exercise – You would be hard-pressed to find a camp experience where the kids sit around much of the day. With that in mind, your child should get plenty of exercise when away at camp. If your child has not been exercising like they should up to now, camp can help change that. The more exercise your child gets, the less chances of being overweight and bored. Some good physical exercise can do wonders for your kid during the summer and beyond.
  4. Independence – In the event your kid has been a little too close to you over time; this is not the worst thing in the world. That said you do want to see your child gain some independence as they get older. By being away at camp, he or she can’t rely on you like they may do all too often now. As they make decisions at camp, you might be surprised with the kid returning home after camp.

If sending your kid to summer camp has crossed your mind a time or two, will you act this time around and do it?

When you do, you will likely look back and thank yourself for the decision.