Something which I really enjoy about my job is the fact that i have a chance to speak to a huge number of students about their career hopes and dreams for the future. Something which I love to do when I do speak with them is to report back on what life is really like for the professionals who occupy certain positions. I consider myself very lucky then to have acquired the services of Dr. Ryan Shephard, an engaging and highly professional doctor, to speak with me at a school which I recently visited. I wanted to share with you a topic which he spoke at length about and that is why he enjoys so much the pediatrics side of the job.

Dr. Ryan Shephard is an excellent surgeon who has not only helped thousands with a variety of muscular and skeletal diseases, but he has also saved arrested patients and gained a reputation for being one of the best orthopedic surgeons for children in the state of Michigan. Here is what the good doctor had to say about why he enjoys working with kids so much.


Dr Shephard first spoke about the challenges which come with working on children forma medical capacity, especially given the fat that he works with bones and muscles which have not even formed properly yet. This presents a huge challenge and it is this challenge which he says drives him on to be better at his job, and to deliver results. Children are in fact what keeps the job of people like Shephard interesting, as they are constantly posing fresh challenges.


Ryan speaks about how it can be easy to lose your energy levels during the day in the hospital, but a visit to the kids ward is always something that charges him up. Something which he speaks candidly about is the stunning optimism which these kids present each and every day, in the face of some terrible birth defects, illnesses and ailments. The strength of these children to stay positive and keep on fighting for the best life possible is what ensures that doctors such as Ryan Shephard, also keep pushing evert day to make sure that they too are doing all that they can to improve lives.


The doctor tells me that children are the most inquisitive type of patient that there is and that he loves nothing more than speaking open and honestly with the children about what is going on. He actually tells me that kids are also very strong i the stomach and that no matter what the subject matter is they seem to relish in learning new things about the body, their own body in particular. He tells me that the best is when he is asked a question by a child, and he actually has to think about the answer for a moment before speaking with the child.