Dr Kami Hoss  is a top orthadontist who has seen a sharp rise in request for braces. Metal braces used to be a reason for the school bully to pick on you and call you names. Now they have become very fashionable, endorsed by superstars and TV celebrities who adorn them on their shows and in real life, they have become a new trend. The various materials and especially colors that you can now get braces in is one of the reasons that they have become the latest craze in accessories. The trend has seen an increase in dentists being approached for braces and instead of the oh Mom I need braces it has been please Mr Super Dentist tell me I need braces.

The trend does not just stop with children and teens however, in our media world where we will see celebrity perfect smiles on Twitter, Facebook, on television, on YouTube and so on. People will be convinced that his is how they should look. We live in a world where we focus on our appearance irrespective of the cost to our pocket. A lot of people strive to get the celebrity look and will workout and even have cosmetic surgery, with the use of drugs, to achieve it. This also extends to having perfect, straight, white teeth.  The belief is that to look good makes you feel good and makes you able to leave the house and believe in yourself.

The increase in adults wearing braces has increased by over 50% and it is believed that two thirds of adults don’t t have aligned teeth.

As a dentist would point out to you though, there are lots of reasons to get braces other than the appearance side of things. For example, teeth which are pushing out can be seriously damaging other teeth and causing sever plaque build-up, which will cause damage and pain.  This can cause social embarrassment and it is much harder to clean misaligned teeth.

It is only fair to say that you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that getting the braces will fix all your problems and all you have to do is smile. You will need to work hard to keep teeth clean whilst you have the braces. You will need to clean your teeth after every bite of food, meal or snack to maintain optimum cleanliness and oral hygiene and the avoidance of mouth ulcers that can be a side effect of braces when not cleaned properly.

You can get products and kits to help you with this regime though. There are kits that will clean your braces, and this will include a dental wax which will help fight any mouth ulcers or stop them occurring if used frequently enough. It will also include specialist brushes to get to the areas where the braces sit and also a specially formulated mouthwash that will strengthen and protect your mouth and teeth whilst you have the braces.

Go and visit your dentist today if you think you could benefit from braces and create your own Hollywood smile. Just remember to play your part in making this process a success.