digital market

If your company has not yet began investing in digital marketing then it is time to change that fact and get involved with some of the brilliant strategies which are available. Marketing has changed drastically since the says of radio-ads, billboards and imagines ads, and whilst many of these traditional strategies are still available, most people look to the internet in order to boost their business. No matter what industry you are in and no matter what size your business is, you can benefit a great deal from digital marketing and here are just some of the techniques which you can try out.

Social Media Marketing

It is estimated that over a third of the world’s population is using social media each and every day which gives you the ideal opportunity to tell the world about your business, services and products. Social media is highly intelligent too and you can drill down into the demographics of your target audience and this way you can get greater traction from your ads, because they will be seen by the people who you believe will be most interested. Social media can provide you with excellent return on your investment and in many cases you can actually use social media to promote your company, without any investment at all.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not what it once was which has prompted many digital marketing companies to stop using it. In the past a click-through rate for emails was around 15% whereas these days that figure sits somewhere around the 3% mark. Nonetheless email marketing can form a key part of your marketing campaign and even at 3% you can still use this strategy to generate interest in your business and products.

Promotional Marketing

There is nothing new about promotional marketing with the exception of the fact that it now takes place online rather than through magazines or newspapers. A smart promotional marketing strategy will see you offering a product or service on a coupon site such as Groupon for example, with a heavy discount. The discount is usually just your profit which means that you will sell a certain amount of items at cost. The idea is that the consumer uses your products or services at this cheap price and then the next time they come back to you they will be paying full price.


Another approach which you can use for marketing is to place banner ads on other websites which will promote your own business. The best part about this is that you can get highly detailed metrics about how well the ad is doing. This is very much like placing a billboard only you will be able to see exactly who is looking at it, and how they are reacting. Depending on the location of your banner you can use this medium to really boost your brand’s visibility and drive more sales to your business.