Our teeth generally serve us well throughout our lives. They do their jobs and generally give us little or no trouble. However, we will all have issues with our teeth at some point in our lives. Perhaps it starts with a small pain in our teeth or gums, or maybe we chip a tooth, or one of several other issues with our teeth and then we need to call a dentist to have a look at the issue. You can see your reputable dentist locally for any teeth or gum issues. For instance if you live in Clinton Maryland, Clinton you can visit a Clinton family dentist and receive service that will relieve pain and make you look great.

For most people, seeing a dentist is an anxiety producing situation. There is a perception that these medical professionals take pleasure in dealing pain. The reality is however that dentists are medical professionals that offer services designed to prevent and help you avoid pain and problems with your teeth and gums. If you are unfortunate and have to go to them with a tooth or gum issue their treatment will save you from future pain and problems. But yes there is the likelihood that if you see dentist with a problem, the visit will involve some discomfort. But long term it is certainly worth the short term.

Here are some common teeth and gum problems that should cause you to see your local dentist immediately.

Dental Crowns

When a part of your tooth has worn down due to tooth decay, grinding, a lost filling or simple wear, the dentist may suggest that you get a dental crown to cover the entire tooth. The procedure involves the dentist shaving down part of the existing tooth and then fitting a porcelain crown on top of the shaved down tooth. This new crown looks just like your other tooth and essentially replaces the old tooth. Crowns are long lasting permanent replacements that have a life of more than a decade usually and can be inserted in a couple hours. You will leave the dentist with a new tooth and very little pain that will subside within a day or two.

Root Canals

Root canals are the most popular type of dental procedure and are performed thousands of time every day in dental offices across the country. Root canals are performed o performed on damaged teeth where the tooth pulp which lies below the tooth is infected. This area contains the nerves and blood vessels that feed the tooth. An infection will cause swelling and pain and demand that you see your local dentist. The dentist will examine the tooth and then drill a hole into the tooth down to the pulp. The damaged and infected areas of the tooth are treated and an antibiotic is placed in the pulp area to kill the infection. The tooth is then filled with porcelain and your issue problem should be solved. Of course this all happens under a local anesthetic which means that you will have no pain and only a little discomfort. You will also be required to take an oral antibiotic for several days following the friends.

Like everything, dentists vary in quality so do your homework and pick a great dentist for you and your family in order to get the best dental care.