cbd cat

After many years of misconceptions we are now starting to realize just what a great plant the cannabis plant is and we are learning more about it each and every year. Most people relate this plant with people getting high, those who do so will use the strain of the paint which features a cannabinoid called THC, this is the psychoactive ingredient. There are other strains of marijuana however which have a cannabinoid called CBD which is not psychoactive at all, but more of a miracle cure for a range of health complaints, even in pets. That’s right these days you can even get CBD oil for cats and it can help your little moggy out with an array of health benefits.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It isn’t just humans who suffer from IBS, so too do cats and through the administration of CBD oil you can provide some great relief to your cat. The CBD oil helps to regulate the chemicals in the stomach and the bowel and in doing this it can help to relax the muscles in and around the bowel and small bowel, in order to provide instant relief. Beyond this the CBD can also help to reduce future inflammation as a result of neutralizing the acid in the stomach.


Many cats face seizures and an even greater number have been diagnosed with epilepsy which may or not bring on seizures. To watch a cat go into a fit like this can be traumatic for both you and the cat but it doesn’t have to be this way. Taking CBD helps to open up neurological pathways in the brain which is how we have seizures and in doing so it can massively reduce the number of seizures that your cat will have, in some cases preventing them altogether.


It may still be early days but some of the research into the benefits of CBD oil for cancer patients is greatly encouraging and that extends to las and dogs. So far for cats we have only seen small numbers go into trials but the results have been truly astonishing. As it stands it would appear that the CBD oil is able to change the composition of cancer cells so that they end up turning against themselves and fighting against other cancer cells thus reducing tumors. It is important not to get too far ahead of ourselves but there are certainly reasons to be encouraged.


Something which we can be sure of is that CBD oil can greatly reduce pain in cats and dogs and if your cat has an illness or perhaps suffers from chronic pain as a result of aging, you can help them out a great deal by giving them CBD oil. This oil not only alleviates the pain but it encourages blood flow and relaxes muscles to provide relief.