soccer match

 We are well and truly in the business end of the Premier League season and things are really hotting up at the top end of the table. Whilst the race may still be on for positions such as top four and of course relegation, it is the winners that myself and football expert Stephen Varanko III will be looking into today. After 20 games it would appear that there are only two teams in this title race and whilst there may be some kind of bizarre conclusion, this league looks set to be either sewn up by Liverpool or Manchester City, let’s take a look.


Until their game against Manchester City where Liverpool lost the chance to go 10 points clear at the top of the table, Liverpool were unbeaten and looked set to march away with the title. Manchester City had other ideas and managed to beat the Reds at home in a title defining match. Liverpool look irresistible this season and the additions of Alisson Becker and Virgil Van Dijk look to be two of the best Premier League acquisitions of all time. Liverpool will be buoyed by the recent news that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is back in training after a long spell out and could be crucial come the back end of the season. Liverpool are currently 4 points clear at the top and look to have an easier run in than City, given that their teams against other top 6 clubs are at home. As long as Liverpool can keep the likes of Salah, Van Dijk and Firmino fit, you’d imagine that 4 points will be a bridge too far for City.

 Manchester City

City have had a couple of surprising results this year and they will bemoan the back-to-back losses against Leicester and Crystal Palace. In most other years in the Premier League these losses wouldn’t be catastrophic but given Liverpool’s recent form, they have meant that City have that 4 point deficit to overturn. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Manchester City couldn’t go on a winning run until the end of the season, and even going unbeaten until the end would be something that is well within their grasp. City have a far deeper squad than Liverpool in terms of quality and their embarrassment of riches will certainly be enough to keep up with the Reds until May. The question as to whether they can topple Liverpool is a tough one however and whilst you imagine that they may be able to close 3 of those 4 points, that extra point is not going to be easy to come by. The single biggest thing that works in City’s favor is that they know what it takes to win a title, and Liverpool as yet, do not. Psychology plays a key role in a title win and if City close 3 points early, Liverpool may find that they are focusing too much on what is behind, rather than in front.

 Who do you see winning the Premier League this season?