An online reputation management service may well recommend blogging as a way of improving your reputation. Blogging has developed significantly over the last 30 years. It was originally used as a platform to express your personal feelings on an issue or to lead someone through your pregnancy and birth of your child. It would have a minimal following of people interested in that topic and it would usually be a daily or weekly entry of what had happened that week which was significant to the topic. Today blogging has grown into a massive entity not just used by individuals, which it is, but also businesses and service users,

One of the main reasons the blog has become so popular for users and bloggers is because it is very easy to use. It is very easy to follow, and it enhances your business and allows potential customers an insight into who you are and what your company represents. A company blog can not only enhance your website presence and increase the amount of people who visit your website. (Increased traffic) It can also enable you to become more visible on internet search engines, this means that your business will appear higher on a search on a search engine. In turn this will all help increase your business popularity and sales. People will buy or spend money with people they trust.

As we have said blogging is a fabulous way to improve your websites SEO, this is because the algorithms used by search engines such as google are very favourable towards article content, frequency of updates (blogs are often daily) Therefore a well-managed frequently posted blog can be an all-round asset to your online presence and ultimately, your business.

A blog on behalf of your company will also allow you to increase the amount of appropriate inbound links that will ensure that the right people find the parts of your website that they will find useful and that might lead to business leads or sales. This again will increase traffic to your website and may ensure that people stay on your website for a significant amount of time and lead to sales.

Another advantage of having a blog is that it will make your customers feel that they know a bit about you and how you would react to certain situations. They will learn to trust you and put their confidence in you. They will believe your company or brand to be the best in its field if they like you and trust how you run your business. It is very appropriate and beneficial to be open and honest online these days. Blogs will help you form a brand connection and thus enhance customer loyalty.

So, as we can see blogging has gone from a hobby to an extremely powerful business tool. There is no longer an uneven playing field where those who could pay for mass advertising campaigns could outdo smaller businesses. It is now all about who can do the research and put in the time and create a likable environment for existing customers and potential new ones.