All Benefits You Get When Installing Large Windows for Your Home

Do you want to make an upgrade to your house and replace your old windows with new units? While that sounds great, you have to properly decide on the best windows possible to bring you the needed comfort.

And without a doubt, large-sized units will be your best bet, especially if you make a renovation for your living room. 

We have contacted Ecoline, Canadian window and door replacement experts, and asked about homeowners’ benefits when picking large windows. Interested? Keep reading.

What window styles are usually considered large units?

Frankly speaking, if your rough opening allows, you can install almost any window style, making it bigger (or smaller) according to your preferences and needs. But generally, when homeowners need large units, they usually go for picture and sliding windows. Picture units are installed when you strive for maximum energy efficiency, and sliding windows bring in optimal ventilation. If you want a combo of these benefits, then opt for bay and bow windows that go with a picture window in the center and sliders, hung or casement units by the sides. So what benefits can you expect when installing large windows?


Big energy-efficient units help to cut on energy bills during cold winter periods since they serve as exceptional insulators. They allow for passive solar energy all year round, regulating indoor temperature by minimizing cool air circulation. Moreover, large energy-efficient windows are more eco-friendly and make houses comfortable.

Enhanced beauty

One of the most significant benefits you get when going for bigger windows is the increased aesthetics. Furthermore, floor-to-ceiling windows always make tiny rooms appear larger, particularly when you can open them fully to merge the indoors and the outdoors. Moreover, the unobstructed view outside provides a natural backdrop for home design.

Improve the home’s value

Installing large, brand new windows increases the value of your property. So, if you plan to resale the home in the future, a window renovation would be a perfect investment idea because it turns a house into a desirable property.

Natural light

Homeowners who love bright spaces consider windows with a huge glass area as a great source of daylight. Big windows usually let in more natural light, increasing productivity, overall happiness and helping with mood swings. It allows for more vitamin D, improves sleep patterns, and regulates circadian rhythms.

How to make sure you get the product for your money?

When shopping for new windows, it is essential to keep in mind some vital tips to avoid common pitfalls and make sure you get the best and reasonably priced units:

  • Buy only Energy Star-rated units. This ensures the best thermal performance and helps to save on energy bills.
  • Make sure to install the window style that matches your house exterior. 
  • Hire a professional installer. Replacing a window is not a DIY task. This is hard and requires specific skills and tools. Poor installation leads to poor window performance even if the units are of excellent quality. Check whether your window company follows your building code and CSA guidelines, ask for all the details and read the reviews online to hire the best company to complete your renovation project.