A photo book is a powerful way to tell a story through pictures. It’s a unique format for a collection of photos, whether you’re capturing your travels, showcasing your business, or immortalizing some precious memories. With Mixbook, creating a custom photo book has never been easier. There’s enough customization offered for all types of photo books. In this quick guide, we’re going to walk through the art of making the best photo book ever.

Start with a gorgeous cover

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? You might not have, but others have! Mixbook offers a unique selection of options for your cover. So even if your photo book is judged by its cover, you’re well covered. You’ve got four options for the material: softcover, glossy, matte, or leather. If you’re crafting a professional portfolio for your business, you may want to go for a hardcover choice. The premium black leather option is a great choice for gifts.

Choose your paper

While semi-gloss paper offers shimmer and luster to your photos, matte finish gives a low-glare appearance that can be viewed from any angle. Mixbook’s premium matte lay flat paper is ultra-thick and works great for professional-grade use, whereas their semi-gloss is great for something on the coffee table.

Pick the perfect theme

Mixbook offers hundreds of customizable themes, for every occasion and use that you could possibly think of. If you’re looking to showcase your travels, they have 59 travel photo book themes for you to choose from. If you want to get really creative you can even start a blank book on their website with unlimited possibilities!

Shape and size matter

Think about how you’d like your photobook to look and feel in your hands. Is it a large square-shaped book or a smaller portrait-oriented book? Remember, with Mixbook, you can select any shape and size for any of their hundreds of themes.

Unlimited creativity with Mixbook’s photo book tool

When you design a photo book with Mixbook’s photo book tool, you truly have endless and unlimited creative possibilities. You can drag-and-drop, resize-and-rotate any text or photo. Anything from the color of the spine to the font of a caption is all up to you! Stick to a theme or completely start with a blank canvas, anything is possible.

Start by uploading your photos, and then dragging them wherever you’d like on your photo book. You can switch the layouts your photos are arranged, apply backgrounds, and make your book pop with stickers and text. One really cool feature of Mixbook’s photo book tool is that you can switch views anytime to view all the pages on one screen, or you can view a page at a time. Drag and drop entire pages in the All Pages View to re-organize your photo book just how you want.

Happiness Guaranteed

The beauty of using Mixbook, on top of all the wonderful options and customizability they offer for the design process, is a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Mixbook takes a lot of pride in bringing customer’s visions to life, and if you’re not absolutely in love with what you get, you can return it at any time.