Exposed cables are some of the most dangerous items in the home or office. This is because they can easily become potential tripping hazards or for that matter, even carry the extremely dangerous risk of electrical shock.

Here, a point to be understood is that that whenever people and cables come into close proximity, there is almost always the threat of injury. One never really know what can happen. As a matter of fact, many uncovered cable related accidents can easily result in incidents ranging from mild embarrassment, to grievous bodily harm.

The results can even be fatal at the most and might lead to a lawsuit at best. It does not matter if you are a parent with small children of your own, a business owner or even a pet lover. It is always wise to take steps to prevent any unforeseen consequences of various high risk, cable related scenarios.

Danger to young children

If you have kids then you should know that any loose, floor level electrical cables and cords in the same room as small children is definitely not a safe combination by any conceivable stretch of the imagination. While it is certainly true that many, if not most parents tend to cover unused power outlets with duct tape or child proof plugging devices, in a bid to help protect their kids from suffering the horrors of electric shocks, but it is imperative to understand that this is not enough. There is also a lot of danger from uncovered power cables as well. Small children can trip over them and fall and hurt themselves or even worse, they can chew through them to the exposed copper wire underneath.

This is why cable covers are so important since it is next to impossible for a very young child to chew through them.

Office employees and other guests

Just about all busy offices tend to have heaps of workstations and phones lines and fax machines and photo copiers. As a matter of fact, the various devices that tend to make modern business even remotely possible typically come with a huge medley of potential cable-related tripping and shock hazards. One has to take a look at the myriad number of otherwise unruly cords that typically crawl all around office floors and see that it is just an accident that is all but waiting to happen.

The expense, the frustration and the downtime as well as injury related lawsuits that such accidents can cause, will immediately be decreased to a negligible level with the help of cable covers. In fact, such cable covers can also help to increase the aesthetic appeal of both your home as well as office space. has a whole lot of options to ensure that you and your loved ones, as well as your customers and clients are perfectly safe, and also suitably impressed by the neatness of your working and living spaces.

In the light of the above, we can safely conclude that no home or office should ever have loose wires snaking all over the place and creating health hazards in their own right.