Hamburg is a fascinating city, even when compared to other popular cities in Germany like Berlin, Munich, or Cologne. It has a very unique maritime culture which is mixed with a specific modern accessibility, and it’s home to numerous people of different nationalities and cultures. It’s a great city, and if you’re visiting by air it’s important to know that getting to and from the Hamburg airport is almost always an easy affair, but there are also a few other things to know as well.

It can get a bit rowdy

No metropolis is a homogenous place and that’s is quite evident with Hamburg. While the city is quite full with the Hanseatic elegance, since it’s always been a port city there a very unique, and often charming, sailor culture, which means there’s a certain degree of grit and roughness that’s quite unique to Hamburg.

See the Kunsthalle

German history is a fascinating subject, and when you’re in a city as old and important as Hamburg, visiting a museum is a must. The Kunsthalle is one such museum, one that displays works of art and history from the past 700 years, and is the home to numerous masterpieces from renowned artists like Canaletto, Gaugin, and Caspar David Friedrich. The best time to visit this museum would on Thursday as it stay as open as 9pm.

Experience its waters from up close

Hamburg is a harbor city, which naturally means that for a very long time its livelihood has been quite dependent on the sea. It’s also quite close to the majestic Elbe River, and a day spent lazing on its bank is a day well spent. Also, you take a fantastic harbor tour, like the one from Ferry 62 – this one will take you around the harbor to show you the sights, and the tour ends on the city’s beach which is a great spot for some rest and relaxation.

Witness the architecture for yourself

The city is home to many amazing buildings, both old and new. Hamburg has suffered significant bombing during the Second World War, but even despite that, many buildings are still left standing and quite available for a visit. The Elbphilharmonie is one such place, and it will practically transport you through time to a different period in history when things were much different. Other significant spots include the neo-renaissance town hall, and the Chilehaus from the 1920s.

Enjoy the seafood

Naturally, if you’re visiting a city located near the sea, there will be a fantastic choice of seafood. The fish is always caught fresh, and you can easily find numerous seafood stalls on the streets peddling fresh fish, but you can also dine elegantly in restaurants like Fischereihafen, or at Henssler and Henssler.

Few other cities in Germany, as well as Europe, can boast about having both a roguish charm and a sublime elegance, and this is something that Hamburg pulls off effortlessly. Visiting it is always a treat, so make sure to dedicate some time off to visit this unforgettable European city.