Tech Tips

Let’s face it — life has become more digitalized than ever.

To prepare for the next industrial revolution which is expected to change of nature of work drastically, one must first get well-trained in order to stay competitive in the global job market.

Although there are a vast majority of people knowing well about how to operate a MacBook Air, take advantage of Google search and socialise with people via Facebook, there are 5 recommendations everyone should know in order to make life easier.

1. macOS Sierra speech function

It doesn’t surprise people much that MacBook Air is a user-friendly computer designed for people who have limited accessibility when using it. While hearing a laptop to read out the text is a daily practice for the visually-impaired, most of the users may not be aware of this function.

To use this function, choose the Apple icon > System Preferences, then click Accessibility > Speech. After choosing the specified key, macOS Sierra will read out the selected text in the desired language. Apart from a variety of English, the users can also practise other foreign languages like Russian, Arabic and Chinese with male/female voices.

2. Google Speech-to-Text Function

If typing is a burden for work, then Google’s speech-to-text function in its flagship Google Docs and Google Slides is a life-saver.

It can transform voices through microphone into texts with automatic correction, supporting a wide range of languages and accents from Ukrainian to Kiwi-accented English.

To activate this function, the microphone must be turned on for voice typing or voice commands. Apart from typing with a voice, this function also allows users to add punctuation to the text. Commands like “select paragraph”, “italics” and “go to the end of the line” are also supported.

3. Google Trends

This is a hands-on application to understand what and how the whole world is searching now.

Google Trends allows the user to explore what heated topics are being searched in different countries within a specific period. The results are also categorised into searches in general, people, global news, actors, consumer tech, TV shows etc.

To have a glimpse of this global pulse, it is suggested to subtribe Google Trend to understand which item is searched in which particular region. The frequency and type of daily search can be further filtered to avoid spam emails.

4. Facebook IQ

Although Facebook IQ is similar to that of Google Trends, Facebook has been collecting the data of people’s online behaviours including their online messages, posts and media consumption to allow businesses to grow with the use of those insights.

Not only does it offer the insights of how people mark holidays, seasons and events on Facebook, but Facebook IQ also provides a comprehensive study to pinpoint which topics have been drawing Facebook users’ attention and sparking conversations.

Facebook IQ also provides advertising tips on media planning, measurement of statistics and effectiveness for storytelling.

5. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is a world-wide training and certification program about marketing on its social media platforms.

Specifically, Blueprint eLearning offers insights on how to advertise on Facebook and Instagram; Blueprint Certification proves the users on their understanding on Facebook advertising products and services; Blueprint Live is a face-to-face training program about its marketing plans.

Digitalization is an unavoidable trend which people have to learn new skills to adopt this brand-new world. The above insights are certainly helpful to understand how the future will be defined by technologies.