DressesYou’ve heard about the sophisticated power of the “little black dress”. This wardrobe staple never lets you down. From holiday parties to a last-minute wedding outfit, you can style this piece for a multitude of occasions. Now, many women are searching for an additional wardrobe staple: the little white dress.

White lace dresses are spiking in popularity. Simple, feminine, and carefree, these dresses are the breezy and elegant companion you didn’t know you needed. Once you get your hands on your ideal white lace dress, it’s important to learn a few simple styling techniques. These tips will help you dress this piece up or down, making it a fitting piece for any occasion.

1. Keep the Look Simple

Whenever you rock a lace dress, remember that the lace itself is a statement. With the right fit and hemline, a white dress can look classy and ornate all on its own. This is why it’s best to choose simple accessories and layered pieces. Delicate bracelets and earrings boost the femininity of the dress, while a block heel adds a bit of boldness while balancing out the look.

As for your bag, a white clutch is a fun way to pull off a monochromatic look. Pair it with a pair of white heels to achieve modern sophistication. Light pastels or bohemian neutrals also keep the bag and shoes simple and cohesive.

2. Dress Up with Metallics

Heading to a formal event? Yes, you can still wear white. Whether attending your office christmas party or a summer gala, you can elevate your look with some glamorous accessories. A metallic pair of shoes adds drama to your look without overpowering the dress. Add a pair of matching earrings to draw eyes up and down, showing off your whole outfit.

Just remember that two or three metallic accessories are generally enough. By pairing earrings with a bracelet or shoes with a bag, you’ll dress up the white lace without looking gaudy.

3. Dress Down with Neutrals

If you want to keep the white lace more casual, neutrals are a great option. This combination is ideal for daytime events in the spring and summer, like baby showers or graduation parties. Tan shoes and a matching leather bag will help you look put together and laid back. Remember that white lace gained popularity with the rise of boho trends, so these pieces honor those roots with a grown-up spin. Put on gold or worn silver dangle earrings to pull the look together. For casual looks in colder weather, try a neutral jacket or boots.

4. Create Contrast

Who says that white lace has to be classically girly all the time? A white lace dress is an opportunity to play with contrast and break some rules. Put a little edge on your outfit by wearing a black leather jacket and black heels with the dress. A red lip or bold eye makeup has a similar effect. If you’re putting together a fall or winter look, choose a pair of leather ankle boots in black or another contrasting color. This will keep you warm while adding an interesting dimension to your outfit.

When styling a white lace dress, remember to put your personal style at the center. Whether you are girly or edgy, nothing is off-limits. This dress can sit in your closet as a blank canvas and a go-to staple. Be creative, play with lines, and create texture by adding quality accessories and layering pieces. The result will be an unforgettable look that you’ll look back on for inspiration.