mobile issues

Mobile phones are essential to our daily lives. What would you do if you had to be without one for just a day? You want to ensure that your handset is working at all times. There are some common issues that crop up repeatedly, and you’ll be bound to run into one at some point. Here are four common issues you may have with your mobile, and how to fix them.

Your Phone Is Slowing Down

Are you finding that your phone is getting slower and slower? It’s frustrating when you need it to just do something simple, like open an app. If you’ve got an older phone, the culprit could be lots of older data sitting in your phone’s memory. The best way to fix this is to uninstall all apps you no longer use, and clear out the memory from the ‘storage’ setting on your phone. This should help your phone speed up.

Your Battery Runs Down Too Quickly

Everyone knows the pain of your battery running down when you’re using it. Phones are so necessary to everyday life that they run down quicker than ever. If you find your battery runs out too quickly though, it’s a real hassle. The best way to prevent this from happening is to go into your settings and select ‘Battery’. This will show you what apps are using the battery the most, and what’s using it even when you’re not using the phone. You can also buy a new battery if your phone is a model where you can replace it so you could get more use out of your battery with every charge.

You Can’t Get a Signal

There are multiple reasons why you won’t be able to get a signal on your phone. It could be that your phone case is blocking the internal antenna so it can’t pick up the signal. It could be that you’re located in a weak area for cell signal, such as in a valley or away from a cell tower. If you’re struggling to get a signal, you can try buying a Vodaphone signal booster. These work by taking in signal from outside, amplifying it, and rebroadcasting it around your home. If you struggle with weak signal, then they’re worth trying out.

Your Phone Keeps Overheating

A problem with most modern smartphones is that they can overheat if used for too long. Keep using them when they’re heating up, and the phone may shut itself off until it cools down. This is irritating, so you need to find what the culprit is. Avoid using apps that have high CPU usage, and try not to use it when it’s charging. If it’s still overheating, it could be a manufacturer fault.

These are four common issues you may be having with your phone. It’s annoying when it won’t work, but you can fix it. Follow these tips, and you’ll have your phone back up and running in no time at all.