Office Buildings

By now, most people are wise to some of the basic tenets of investment. You should always diversify your portfolio; you should tailor your investments to your level of risk aversion, time horizon, life goals, etc. And most people know the obvious “good investment purchases” like a first home, a sturdy automobile and a college education.

But there are all sorts of investments many people overlook. Some of these investments are traditional equities and bonds, while others are value purchases that can either pay off big, or are well worth their price to begin with. This article will look at three surprisingly good investments – even a couple that might shock you – that you probably haven’t considered.

Sugar Stocks

There are certain things you can bet on people continuing to want, and one of them is sugar. It stands to reason, therefore, that sugar stocks would be a pretty safe place to put your money. It is such an important and profitable corner of the market, in fact, that Investopedia this past year released its picks for the top three sugar stocks of the year.

That list is a great place to start, but absent among it is Bogo Medellin, which for the past ten years has routinely performed well (although, at the time of writing, recent figures suggested a slip). This is all to say that sugar – although modest – is big business, and it pays to follow how the industry is doing.

Lottery Tickets

You aren’t reading that wrong; lottery tickets, especially those for high jackpot lotteries like Powerball, are a surprisingly good, if unconventional, investment. The fact that, with a ticket that costs around $2, you can win the Powerball lottery and suddenly have hundreds of millions of dollars (even a billion) makes this a dark horse investment worth paying attention to.

Forbes agrees. One of their personal finance writers makes the sound argument that, for the low price, the enjoyment you get from buying the ticket, daydreaming about the winnings and playing the game are, in and of themselves, worth the cost. Add to that the real possibility of winning money, and a Powerball ticket can truly be considered a good investment.

Office Buildings

Office buildings might not inspire a lot of enthusiasm from investors, but if you have the money to invest in real estate, this might be the sector to focus on. With a continuing push in industries for businesses to open offices in urban centres, the cost and value of office buildings should be set to rise. All office buildings are not created equal, however, and there are certain things to look out for when investing. This video, Office Building Investing for Beginners, should start you on the right foot.

This just goes to show you that there are great investments to be made all over the place, sometimes in the most unconventional places. Investing is partly about returns, but it is also about enjoyment and present value. These three investments, each fundamentally different to each other, are all worth pursuing for those reasons.