With almost 60 National Parks dotted across the country, the US is full of amazing places to enjoy the great outdoors. One of the best things about living in the US is that it has all kinds of nature to enjoy: from top-class beaches to some of the most breathtaking mountains in the world, there’s something for everyone here. With almost a thousand species of wild birds alone living here, there’s also something for those who love the creature-focused side of nature. With all this in mind, here are some of the best cities to live in if you want to be as close to your preferred type of nature as possible.

Beaches: Malibu, CA

 For those who just can’t get enough of beach and coastal living, there are few cities in the US better suited than Malibu. With around 27 miles of beautiful beaches to enjoy, this Southern Californian city is known around the world as a destination for both coastal relaxation and seaside glamour. However, while there are beaches in the city that are clearly very popular destinations, there’s still much of the Malibu coastline that is more hidden and secret in nature.

Big Rock Beach, for example, is accessible from the Pacific Coast Highway but is pretty secluded in nature. Latigo is also a great spot, and it’s especially great for surfers who are looking to get in some practice. As a result, it’s wise not to be fooled by Malibu: this Californian city is as much about nature as it is about glamour! With plenty of other amazing beaches located in the Malibu region up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll be able to find your favorite after just a couple of days exploring the area.

Mountains: Park City, UT

If you love mountains, then you’re truly spoiled for choice in the US. However, many of the mountain ranges in this country suffer from distinct problems, including a tendency to either be too crowded by tourists or to be too remote from any major cities. That’s why Park City in Utah is an especially great place to visit if you love mountains: with the Wasatch Mountains nearby and plenty of opportunities for sports such as skiing and mountain biking, having a home here is the perfect balance between stunning scenery and authentic American living. Equity Real Estate offers everything from ski homes to condos – so if you’re looking for Park City real estate nestled at the foot of some of America’s finest mountains, then you’ve got a lot of choice.

Birdwatching: Texas, New York and beyond

 Nature, of course, isn’t just about scenic beauty such as coastlines and mountain ranges. It’s also about the many different species of animals and birds that the US plays home to – and if you’re interested in looking out for these, then there are plenty of great spots to live in that will allow you to make the most of your hobby. If you’re happy to relocate to a small city, then there are plenty of birdwatching opportunities available in the US’s more rural locations. In the city of Marble Falls in Texas, for example, American sparrows are often visible – and there’s even an annual “Sparrow Fest” organized by the team at the local wildlife center.

However, there are plenty of birds to be seen even beyond the smaller American cities. In New York City, for example, it’s possible to spy plenty of amazing birds. In Manhattan, you can catch a number of birds – such as great egrets – in famous green spaces such as Central Park, while you can also head to some of the smaller parks such as Riverside and Bryant to catch others. If you head over the water to Brooklyn, then you’ll be able to find a range of other bird-heavy parks, including Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park.

The US, then, is clearly a hub for all things nature. No matter what sort of nature you like, there are cities here that can provide what you need. If you’re a fan of mountains and the associated hiking, biking and sporting activities that they can bring, for example, then Park City and the other settlements in the Wasatch Mountain area are ideal. If you’re searching for something more coastal or more animal-focused, meanwhile, then there will be a nature-friendly city in the US that is perfect for your next home.