Costa Rica is a dashingly gorgeous country. It’s a destination that incredibly diverse in what you can see and do, and everything it has to offer is absolutely top notch. From its many national parks, to volcanoes, cuisine to die for, totally lovable people, and beautiful waters, anyone can fully immerse themselves in the beauty that is Costa Rica and never want to leave. Being able to find excellent rental homes in Costa Rica easily is a big reason people don’t want to leave this wonderful land, because that way they’d be able to explore its beauty much more easily.

Tortuguero National Park

One of the many wonderful national parks in Costa Rica, Tortuguero National Park is a natural treasure that should be high on the bucket list of every visitor to the country. Its name means the Land of Turtles because this national park is most famous for it being a nesting grounds for many species of turtle, who most of which used to be extremely endangered due to poaching. Today they’re very well protected and their numbers have seen an incredibly significant rise, and this national park is the premier way to see these wonderful creatures nest. While exploration of Tortguero is possible by land, as there are decently marked trails, the real magic happens when observing everything by boat.

Arenal Volcano

Nobody said Costa Rica isn’t filled with adventure and excitement. Arenal is an active volcano that sees constant, but significantly reduced, eruptions, and is a destination that’s best braved by the bold and the adventurous. While not dangerous in a typical fashion, as it’s possible to be visited by anyone, there is a constant sense of thrill when hiking its trails and exploring the regions. It’s not only gorgeous to look from afar as it looms almost quietly over the surround green areas of the region, but its natural trails, flora, and fauna, are some of the most fascinating you find in Costa Rica.


There’s a unique Caribbean charm that surrounds the port city of Manzanillo. Its location on the southern coast of Costa Rica only adds to its character, this relatively underdeveloped city has vibes that will keep you enchanted for a long time. The many resorts in the region are located on pristine beaches, and it’s no secret that the Pacific Ocean is a wonderful location for anything water-related, like diving and snorkeling. The proximity to Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge only adds to its irresistible nature, because this refuge is home to numerous endangered species that can’t be found anywhere else.

Golfo Dulce

If you prefer to travel to isolated places that still feel as if they’re unspoiled by man, then Golfo Dulce is the very definition of such destination. This is a tropical fjord, and is a natural retreat that’s actually one of the wettest places on Earth – it’s a giant rainforest filled with the most amazing wildlife, because biodiversity is through the roof. Birdwatching is a favorite activity for travelers that choose to visit Golfo Dulce, as there are several ecolodges in the region, but there are pristine beaches that have still retained their natural perfect even without being maintained by man.

Corcovado National Park

If you’ve been looking for a destination that still with raw natural appeal, then look no further than Corcovado National Park. The entire park is one old giant growth of rainforest, filled with species of flora and fauna that definitely can’t be found anywhere else – not only of the peaceful variety, but also dangerous predators that still roam these wetlands even after centuries. While not an outright dangerous place, Corcovado is a big place, but it’s considered as arguably the best backpacking experience in Costa Rica. Its raw natural beauty is omnipresent in the region, as there are few other places in Costa Rica that can hold a candle to the gorgeousness of Corcovado National Park.

Coffee Plantations in the Central Valley

Costa Rica is a country drenched in history and tradition. And a thing that has played an enormous role in both history and tradition is coffee – it’s been around for a very long time, and it’s one of the country’s biggest exports, and is among the first things everyone thinks of when Costa Rica is even mentioned. Coffee plantations are an integral part of Costa Rican society, and the country as a whole, and what’s great is that everyone is able to visit a lot of these plantations with a guided tour to see just how the most popular drink in the world is made. Sampling is part of the tour, of course, and everything about these plantations feels magical and absolutely surreal.


A destination that completely feels out of this world, Monteverde is a region filled with cloud forests, monkeys, adventure, and serenity. Even though it’s in the middle of Costa Rica it feels as it’s completely secluded, and yet it’s intrinsically connected to civilization, especially because there are plenty of indigenous locals living small, old settlements and villages. Absolutely famous for its stunning beauty, Monteverde is home to a one-of-a-kind bird that can’t be found anywhere else – the Quetzal – which is named after old deities that are said to have inhabited this region in eons past.

Visiting Costa Rica should be a priority for anyone. A country with an amazing culture and peoples, and with even better sights, it’d be a shame if one had the chance to see this wonderful country but chose not to.