Being able to clinch the best bookmaker odds is a primary aim for experienced punters. There are ways of heightening the prices of bets you’re backing through getting involved with a selection of different bookie promotions, but it’s far easier to master the different betting markets on offer, as some have been benefitting punters with achieving better prices for decades.

Due to the uncertain meaning of NAPs and Lucky 15 bets, a lot of newcomers have missed out on opportunities to find some value in horse racing. The same can be said for ante post betting, where you’re able to lock down the price on a horse you want to back by placing your bet days, weeks or even months prior to the race taking place.

Capitalising on ante post betting

You’re able to find antepost betting markets on all bookmaker websites, with them often being referred to as ‘Future Races’ or being sectioned off into an area where they provide odds on highly-anticipated races that aren’t set to happen for several months. All of the more experienced horse racing punters back their bets for major festivals far in advance and keep an eye out for the odds to become available on their favoured betting website.

Through backing their horse tips on an ante post basis, they’re able to take the biggest bookmaker odds. You won’t find too many sites who openly endorse Antepost betting, with The Winners Enclosure possibly being the only exception, but there’s a lot of perks to backing your horse tips so early. Antepost betting is best done with bookmakers who guarantee the best prices on horse racing, as it means that even if your odds fluctuate, you’ll still be paid out at the biggest odds.

Most of the people who are placing bets on ante post horses are doing it to assure that they have the biggest price, as most horses will be given the best odds when they’re first added to the bookie website. This is down to the fact that a lot of the main variables which influence the odds will only appear in the build-up to the race. This includes factors like other favourites pulling out of the race and any indication of the horse being in better form than previously expected, like any other races they might win in runs that come before the one you’re betting on.