In almost all jobs there are the areas that why loathe and there are those that we cannot wait to get our teeth stuck into and journalism is exactly the same. Despite what many people may think a journalist’s daily job is not always an exciting adventure of allegations and misconduct and in many cases the days can be long and spent looking for a morsel of a story that may be out there. James DeVellis and I have had more days than we care to imagine wandering around Boston, chasing up fruitless leads about mutant fox sightings or some member of the public has voluntarily shared with us. Every now and again however we get some news that is really worth our while.


 As long as a story goes above the level of petty crime then these are usually the best kind of cases to get our hearts racing and if you are lucky enough to get something juicy then it certainly does put a smile on your face. This is not to be insensitive of course, any bad crime will have its victims but in the role of a journalist we have a duty to the community to let them know what is going on and these types of reports can often bring about more truth as a result of someone involved reading the news. Crime cases often last for a long period of time as well which means that journalists such as James DeVellis and myself don’t have to chop and change between different stories.


 There are a lot of men and women in this world who have found their success as a result of abusing their power and circumventing the rules and when these people are found to be in the wrong, we just know that the public will love it. This is not about bringing down the wealthy or successful of course, this is about making sure that those who have done wrong have the truth discovered about them and for any journalist these are the stories which are the most exciting and the most fulfilling.

 Feel Good Stories

 With so much bad news in the world it is always nice to hear a feel-good story about an act of kindness or a positive result in the face of negativity and for any journalist these are also great stories which they enjoy to write about. Feel-good stories do exactly what they say, make both the reader and the rewriter feel good and they can also help people to have a more optimistic outlook on the world. There are so many positive things happening in the world that if you were to fill the newspaper with them, there wouldn’t be any space left for the bad. For journalists such as James DeVellis and myself, these are the very best kind of stories to write.