Proposal with a man

In the US, summer and winter are the most popular seasons for engagements. Winter can be the perfect time to get engaged, especially with all your family gathered around and all of the holiday spirit surrounding you!

So are you thinking of getting engaged soon? Then you’ll want to make sure your love gets the perfect engagement ring!

Here, we’ll give you a brief guide on how to pick the right engagement ring for your significant other.

Find Out Your Significant Other’s Ring Size

This might be tricky to do, but it’ll save you the hassle of having the engagement ring resized later on.

If they have a jewelry box, have a dig around to see if they have some rings lying around. You might be able to steal it away temporarily to have it measured at a jewelry store so you can be sure of what your love’s ring size is.

You can also try asking their family members and close friends. If they’ve been dreaming of the perfect engagement, then it’s very likely they may have given this vital information to someone!

Get the Right Style

You’ve always heard that a girl’s best friend is diamonds, right? But that’s not always true! Plus, there’s the style of the engagement band to consider as well.

Take note of what your significant other’s style is like. If they’re into more intricate jewelry, then going with a big rock wouldn’t be a good choice.

Once again, you can take a look at the current jewelry they wear to gauge what metals and stones they like. Maybe your partner’s mentioned they want something specific, such as non-traditional stones. Make sure you listen to what they want, as this is the most important thing!

Take Your Time and Browse

If you have the time, go around to the various jewelry stores out there to get a feel for things. If that’s not possible, then a good idea would be to browse a site like to get a good idea of what’s available out there.

Even if you spot something that seems perfect for your SO, don’t rush it. Make sure you explore all your options before you commit to a purchase. You never know what you’re going to find!

Pick the Right Engagement Ring for Your Love

With our little guide, you should now have a better idea of how to pick the right engagement ring for the love of your life.

Of course, these are just suggestions and recommendations. In the end, you know your significant other best, so it might be worth going with your gut feeling when shopping for engagement rings.

Just make sure you take your time and explore your options, as you never know what’s out there. Good luck, and we hope this has helped with your perfect proposal!

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