SIM cards to travel the worldA SIM only contract is best described as an offer by a network service, which gives you a SIM with a specified amount of talk time, text messages and mobile data also for a specified period of time. A SIM only deal saves you a lot of money over the period of time it lasts.

The difference between this and a regular mobile phone contract is that this one gives you just the SIM while the phone contract gives you the SIM with a phone. Here are some frequently asked questions about SIM only deals.

Why is a SIM Only Contract Much Cheaper?

Many people who have never tried this are usually wary about whether or not it’s legit because of how cheap it is. In some cases, when they aren’t worried about its legitimacy they worry about whether or not there’s a catch somewhere or some hidden charges.

The truth is that they are legit and have no hidden charges. The basic reason SIM only contracts are cheap is that the network only has to offer you a SIM card and not a phone to go along with it.

What is the Duration of a SIM Only Deal?

An offer like this is traditionally a short one lasting only about 30 days. However, a user is free to continue to renew the contract for as long as they would like. Currently, some network providers offer users with an option of taking a SIM only contract that lasts up to 12 months and is also renewable if the user does want to.

Will a SIM Only Contract Work with my Phone?

In most cases, the answer is yes. An offer like this will work immediately you put the SIM card into your phone. In some cases, if your phone has been “locked” to a network other than the network providing you with this package, you might run into some issues.

This isn’t much of a problem as it is possible to “unlock” a locked phone. Once your phone is unlocked, it should work. One thing to note, however, is that you should never unlock a barred phone. The phone may have been barred because it was reported stolen connected to a crime and unlocking it might be problematic.

How do I find the Best SIM Only Packages?

SIM only deals are everywhere and are not difficult to find at all. Many network providers including BT, Virgin Media, Vodafone, EE, and O2 all offer different packages. Do some research, compare SIM offers from different networks and you would definitely find a deal that works for you.

Can I Keep My Old Number?

You don’t have to worry about a new number even if you’re buying a deal from an entirely different network. Once you have the Port Authorisation Code (PAC), you can easily move from one network to another and retain the old number.

SIM only deals are perfect for everyone, especially people who are not interested in changing the phones they already have. All the benefits including flexibility, simplicity and low price make it advisable for anyone to buy.