portable gps

If you have a delivery business then you must invest in a portable GPS tracker for each of the vehicles within your fleet. Many cars and vehicles do come with GPS trackers but they are often very basic models which only help in one or two ways. The best trackers that you can buy for your business are the newer, smarter models which give you far more information than simply letting you know where someone is. There are a great many benefits of an investment like this and in order to help your business find more success, here is why each vehicle should have a portable GPS tracker.

Driving Efficiency

Do you know how well your drivers manage the vehicle? How quickly they drive or how harsh they brake? How long they take for breaks or what they use the vehicle for? IF you aren’t using a GPS tracker in the vehicles then this is information which you will not be aware of, despite the fact that you should. Through the use of a GPS tracker you will be able to see reports which feature all of this data. You can then use this data to manage your drivers better and ensure that they are more efficient with their time and with the vehicle. This doesn’t only help the business, but also the driver.

Money Saving

The idea of a business is to make money and if you are shelling out cash unnecessarily on new tires and new parts, or even gasoline when it isn’t required, you are directly affecting your bottom line. When you manage the efficiency of the drivers you can make sure that they are driving in the most economical way and that they are not mistreating the vehicle. Spending money on the vehicle is par for the course in a delivery business but it isn’t necessary to shell out money for mismanagement of the vehicle. You will also be able to save money on support staff for your drivers as the level of data that this software will be able to provide you with can be easily managed by a single member of staff, rather than a team of support staff.

Reputation Management

A false or fraudulent claim about your delivery service can do great damage to the company’s reputation which in turn could cause people not to want to do business with you. This happens a lot in the delivery business where people say that they haven’t received certain goods or that the delivery never arrived. With a GPS tracker however you will be given lots of data reports about exactly what the delivery vehicle did and where it went, giving you the information which you need to defend your business against false claims.

GPS trackers are inexpensive for the business and they can greatly help you to manage your drivers and your vehicles better, and ultimately save you money.