When the CEO and/or the managers notice a decline in work productivity, they start thinking of ways that can help increase workplace satisfaction. At a time like this, there’s only one answer: office design! Even those people who are passionate about their jobs can easily lose interest in their work.

There comes a time when employees need a little change that can lead them to a comfortable and bright office space, which ultimately promotes their creativity. While changing the colour of the walls and adding a few bright lights are all well and good but sometimes, businesses need to go a little above and beyond to change the layout of the office.

Following are five things that businesses are adding to the office space, to improve the employees’ creativity and productivity:

1.        Plants

According to research, office productivity increases by 15% when the place has been decorated with some plants. Since office space is not exposed to direct sunlight, you need to choose the plants carefully. Some plants that don’t require much care are Aspidistra Elatior, Monstera Deliciosa, Howea Forsteriana, Dracaena Fragrans and Pachycereus. If you are looking for something simple but big such as a plant window wall, then better hire a plant staging service such as ThePlantMan to help you with your project.

2.        Healthy Vending Machine

The well being and health of employees are essential for their happiness. So, why not promote a healthy eating lifestyle. You will find a vending machine in every office but one that offers healthy snacks is rarely seen. You can partner up with a local nutritionist and get fresh meals prepared every day for the vending machine. Make sure the meals have the nutritional value mentioned on them, so that employees can enjoy their meals without any guilt.

3.        Flexible Layout

Did you know that Red Bull changes its reception into a drink bar after the office hours are over? Their office completely transforms into a relaxation zone, where people can unwind from work and catch up with friends.

Throw out your office rule book and make an office design that is more comfortable and trendy. For example, movable walls that can be pushed around to convert the space into a meeting room, workstations that can be converted into standalone desks, etc. Come up with something unique that will help the employees unwind during and after work.

4.        Library

Yes, a library is a good place for employees to kick up their feet and enjoy a hot cup of espresso or cocoa. The rule is to make sure that the books on the shelves don’t belong to the business category. Add a few thrillers, romance and any other exciting genres you think the employees would love to read.

5.        Massage Centre

While this may sound unconventional but a simple 15 minutes massage can work wonders for employees. It doesn’t have to be a full day service but a competition that will entitle the winner to a free massage, while others will have to pay a price, albeit a very small one.

These are just some of the ideas that can help you not just improve your work space but also increase employee productivity. A great way to find out what your employees will prefer more is to blast an email and ask them to send their ideas.